From vision to product



During the product discovery phase, we conduct a detailed analysis together to fully grasp your product vision. In joint brainstorming sessions, we sharpen your idea, define dependencies as well as the architecture to determine the scope of work, goals and constraints of your project. This way, we ensure that the final result is exactly what you envisioned.



Our design team creates your custom UI/UX design based on a clickable prototype with all product interfaces that help end users navigate through your new app effortlessly. Through iterations and initial user feedback, we align the design with your vision and ensure a good UX. Bad design is an obstacle, good design is a new customer won.



We develop your custom software based on your individual needs, requirements and specifications identified in the discovery and design phase. As we work in a real agile process we can always adapt to new circumstances. Our comprehensive quality management ensures that we create high-performance, scalable and durable solutions.



Together we launch your product in the live environment and ensure its robustness, stability, and fitness for purpose. Using modern tracking and monitoring methods, we continuously measure the performance of your new application. We provide ongoing software maintenance and enhancements to keep your product in line with modern trends, new demands and your advanced vision.

Web apps, mobile apps, blockchain, integration projects and more. Robust from the ground up to ensure stability, scalability and longevity. We provide services around custom software application development to help realize your vision, streamline complex organizational operations, and seamlessly connect with existing software implementations. We develop custom software applications that fit your business model to improve your organization's performance, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. With an agile development process, we bring your idea to life and deliver unique Swiss quality.

Our services

Web3 / Blockchain

Smart Contracts and dApps to maximize the efficiency and security of transaction-based processes. We develop customized decentralized solutions to automate data transactions and eliminate paperwork to reduce costs and improve process security. With our in-depth expertise, we bring the future of technology to your business with purpose-built solutions.

Web Apps

Whether it's a platform, portal, business app, MVP or complex landing page. We develop fully responsive web apps that meet your specific requirements and put the users at the center. Using proven and innovative technologies, we create highly interactive frontends and robust backends that are scalable, durable and easy to maintain.

Mobile Apps

Whether it's a customized enterprise solution or a consumer-facing mobile app, we bring your big vision to the small screen to wow your users. Mobile or tablet, thanks to the use of Corssplatform technologies, we shorten the development process and your mobile app will appear even faster in the app and play store.

UX/UI Design

Our design team translates your vision into a sophisticated yet user-centric design. Design is more than just colors and a logo, it’s about helping users get what they need. We create a clickable prototype to further refine your vision and gather initial user feedback as great user experience leads to customer loyalty. This prototype is at the beginning of every great product.

Consulting, Outsourcing & Team as a Service

As your outsourcing partner, we take care of all your IT management and software development needs so you can focus on your core business. We offer you an end to end service and put together your perfect team according to your individual needs. From consulting to design and development, we take care of your technical needs. You benefit from the extensive experience of our local project management team in Switzerland, paired with our nearshore IT experts in Europe, to efficiently boost your IT development.

Exemplary costs

Small project

E.g. Web-App with headless CMS

Price range

20’000 - 40’000 CHF

Time duration: 2 - 4 months

Team: 2 - 4 members

Medium project

E.g. Mobile App with custom backend

Price range

40’000 - 100’000 CHF

Time duration: 3 - 6 months

Team: 3 - 5 members

Large project

E.g. SaaS platform

Price range

100’000+ CHF

Time duration: 5 - 12 months

Team: 4 - 7 members

Approximate breakdown of the effort









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